Release Version

Version Two

Built With

HabboCreate was built with the Laravel framework. The designs were visioned by the owner "Pulx" and then created by me.



HabboCreate has roughly 8,000 users as of writing this. Each account has their own personal profile where they can modify the layout. They may add and remove widgets such as a YouTube widget, Twitter widget, Textbox widget and general statistics widget.

They can purchase stickers through the shop and place them anywhere on their profile to make it completely unique.


I have built an advanced permissions system as different staff groups need to be able access different parts of the site. For example, General Managers require all access, while only DJs may have access to radio timetables.

Social Interaction

I have designed a comment system that can be used on different sections of the site. For example, there is a 'Feed' where users can post anything they like and also replies to others. Each comment has likes/dislikes and can be modified by the staff if it is inappropriate or deleted.


The forum was custom built to satisfy the needs of the website. The dashboard allows users to create forum sections, categories within that section, pin and locked threads.


I have a built questhub that was designed for the users to complete guides, earn XP and level up. Guides are written by other users on the site and then played on Habbo. They gain a badge from completeing the guide and then in turn gain Quest XP, which will level them up and are able to gain rewards.

And many more...