Built With

HabboCreate was built with the Laravel framework. We used a template and then built the fuctionality on top.


Multi Site

BWAF Gaming is 3 sites in 1, in the sense that it is built in such a way that they can have different themes for each game.

The dashboard allows them to edit each homepage individually and their components.


I have added the ability for members of the website to upload their media and share their unique pages on social platforms. This helps the poster gain more attention on the media but also helps the site get more visitors.


Each website theme has a chatbox. It is manually used to quickly get an admin members attention as it will send them a message alerting them to the users needs.

Reporting a hacker

The website allows members to submit a report of a hacker or a glitcher in one the website's game servers. This goes in to a permanent log so the admins can deal with it.