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What would you like to know about me?

I am 23 year young Freelance Web Developer from the United Kingdom, currently residing in South East England.

I have been interested in computers and technology from an early age and started to dabble in programming in my teens. During my time in College studying computer hardware, I first discovered my love of coding. The very first program I made was a task scheduler to keep track of my course work which really helped my progress.

I am self taught in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Canvas, PHP, MySQL, Regex, C#, Node JS, Linux and the Laravel Framework. (All the essentials to make an awesome website, like this one!)


  • Technology
  • Astronomy
  • Science
  • Programming
  • Gaming
  • 80s Music

Freelance Work


HabboCreate is a fansite for the widely popular online game "Habbo". It has a variety of social and interactivity features such as profiles, commenting, feed, forums, sharing in-game creations.

It has a complex permissions system designed for the Staff that allows them to manage content around the website and help the members with their needs.

I created the design and built it from scratch using a PHP framework called Laravel.

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BWAF Gaming

BlueWaffleAttackForce is a gaming clan I met awhile ago, they are a community that plays multiple games. I worked with them to build their website.

It is designed to support multiple games, so it's essentially two sites in one.

An Admin Control Panel was built so the owners can easily modify the content on their website, such as page content, adding videos and pictures, news and events, and many more features.

Global Recruit

Global Recruit is a recruitment agency that recruits teachers for schools based all around the UK.


The Pension Administrator is an almost fully customizable website. It was built using the Laravel Framework. It has a custom built admin panel that allows users to change serveral aspects of the website such as the images on the slideshow, testimonials, blog posts, and system settings.

Moulton Fruit & Veg

Moulton Fruit and Veg is an e-commerce website that sells a wide variety of food goods. It was built using the Laravel Framework and features a custom built admin panel that allows users to manage products, view and process orders, exporting orders and generating reports.

Child Proof My Home

Safe Spaces for Kids is a website designed to allow usage while on the go. It is designed to allow inspectors or home owners to inspect rooms of their house and select products and services to make that room safer for children and todlers.

Celebrity Training

I worked with the development team at BigWaveMedia on this project. I worked on the sign up process, fixed serveral bugs, and added a calander where users can add their workouts.

Pure Tree Worktops

Pure Tree Worktops is an online shop that sells a wide variety of wood products and accessories. It features a 'Design your Worktop' page, where the user can select the type of wood, design and style. The website includes an admin panel where content can be managed and website settings can be changed at any time.



Mobile: 07775437508